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Fully Automatic Block Production line with Curing Rack

The international QUNFENG client-base includes more than 7,000 customers across 107 countries and regions worldwide.

Company Profile
QUNFENG Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 1995 within the Quanzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone.
Our company is committed to the development, production, distribution, and servicing of products such as the concrete block making machine, aerated concrete production line, road sweeper, construction waste disposal machinery, and other types of environmental protection equipment.
We are a high-tech enterprise with a wide scope of specialization.
Our ventures are driven by strong development potential and a highly effective global marketing network.
We have dedicated offices and spare-part warehouses in countries including Brazil, Qatar, Algeria, and India.
By the May of 2013, our company had already established an international client-base with more than 7,000 customers across 106 countries and regions worldwide.
A permanent staff of more than 50 knowledgeable technicians is on standby to provide professionals support for our valued customers.
Our technical taskforce consist of more than 40 professionals in fields such as mechanical, hydraulic, electronic, and building materials.
QUNFENG products are CE approved.
This collaborative effort has led to a total of 50 patents for utility, design, and invention.
We have actively participated in the drafting and rectification of more than a dozen national and industrial standards for products such as the mini block machine, concrete pavers, and concrete curbs, and load-bearing concrete porous bricks.

Production & Development
The QUNFENG production base was constructed with a total investment of 250 million RMB.
This modern facility occupies a total of 200,000 square meters.
The combined floor area of our workshops and offices amount to 145,000 square meters.
Our repertoire of advanced production equipment include the processing center, welding robot, fully-automated heat treatment equipment, large gantry milling machine, the CNC plasma flame-cutting machine, and other types of automated equipment.

Product Showcase
Our main products include the following:
The QFT series block making machine is our flagship product.
This assembly is capable of fabricating all types of concrete porous bricks, hollow blocks, curbstones, pavers, grass pavers, tree pavers, and slope protection pavers.
The road sweeper possesses outstanding cleaning capabilities.
Its sweeping mechanism and vacuuming system were uniquely designed to eliminate large granular litter for a clearing efficiency of 99% or higher.
This eco-friendly product is both easy to maintain and operate.
The high-speed color tile production line is utilized to fabricate top-grade concrete color tiles for decorative purposes.
It consists primarily of components such as the grinding type mixer, calibrated raw-material feeder, high-speed pressure forming unit, and the electro-hydraulic control unit.
This multi-functional machine can manufacture all types of intricate tiles with the simple swapping of the tile mold.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to become a pioneer in the field of block making machinery.
We strive to garner the trust of customers worldwide so that we may invigorate the Chinese industry.